Advocates for Women of the World is a student organization based at the Ohio State University that takes action against issues affecting those who are marginalized on the basis of sex & gender around the world.


Advocates for Women of the World was formed in 2015 by OSU alumnas Nicole Haddad and Jenny Kim. The idea for AWOW started as a result of discontent with women's organizations on campus focusing more on creating a dialogue on women's issues rather than addressing the issues head on. AWOW aims to take this dialogue and turn it into action.

AWOW was founded on the principles of intersectional feminism. In other words, our action-based advocacy efforts are representative of all those who identify as women across the globe and aim to impact local and international communities. We believe strongly in the potential of women across the world and strive the eradicate barriers to opportunity and livelihood based on gender. Whether our impact be big or small, we believe that gender equality begins with the elevation of a few lives to set off waves of change.

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