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Fast and Fair Fashion

At the Fast and Fair Fashion Seminar on September 16th, speakers discussed the importance of sustainability in the fashion sector, the disproportionate impacts of climate change on women, and fair trade, among other important topics. Focusing on buying fair trade products is one way of contributing in a positive way to women around the world and also helps ensure that your purchase a high-quality item which won’t have to be replaced for a long time. Here is a brief list of companies/nonprofits that we recommend you take a look at if you’re in the market for something new for your home, wardrobe, or a gift for a loved one! Please consider checking out these ethically-produced options before heading out to your local Forever 21 or HomeGoods.

The Little Market: https://www.thelittlemarket.com

Created by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, this nonprofit sells kitchenware, stuffed animals, candles, accessories, and more!

Fair Indigo: https://www.fairindigo.com

This company is focused on environmentally friendly production, fair trade, and acting against the world of fast fashion by designing classic pieces. They sell men’s, women’s, and baby clothing, accessories, holiday items, and more.

Ten Thousand Villages: https://www.tenthousandvillages.com

This website offers accessories, office supplies, decor, bath and body products, and more from many different fair trade sellers, and this organization is where the raffle prize from AWOW’s event was from!

Pact: https://wearpact.com

This company sells fair trade organic cotton products, including women’s, men’s and kids’ underwear, loungewear, and more.

Prana: https://www.prana.com

This company sells fair trade and environmentally conscious yoga mats, yoga attire, women’s and men’s clothing, and more!

Patagonia: https://www.patagonia.com/home/

Not all their products are fair trade, but many things are when you apply the fair trade filter and this is a great transitional brand if you’re new to fair trade and still want to purchase from popular brands!

Threads for Thought: https://www.threadsforthought.com/our-manufacturing

This brand sells super soft leggings and other casual clothes! Their factories in India and Kenya are fair trade certified, but not their factory in China.

Girlfriend Collective: https://www.girlfriend.com

This company is not certified fair trade, but they’re open about their production practices which are ethical and slow- they sell leggings, sports bras, and athletic shirts! This website is another great transition into fair trade if you don’t happen to find a product you love from one of the other websites mentioned above.

Hopefully this inspires you to consider buying fair trade in instances when you normally would not have; let’s continue advocating for the women of the world!

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