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A Path Appears Documentary Showing

On Monday, November 19th, AWOW hosted a showing of the second episode of the A Path Appears series. Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn co-authored the book A Path Appears before it was eventually made into a three-episode series which focused on women’s rights. The second episode focuses in particularly on poverty. It follows activists in West Virginia to see how Save the Children supports mothers and their kids by checking in on them at home visits and giving them instructions to keep their kids on track with skills like reading and fine motor skills. The episode then switches to Haiti and looks at how one school, created by a woman in a country with no public education system, has helped hundreds of children gain access to education, regular meals, and hopefully, a way out of poverty. Finally, the film moves on to Colombia and visits the Juan Felipe Escobar Foundation, which provides programming to teen moms and pregnant teens to help them with raising their children and to provide them job training to help them become more independent upon leaving the program.

The documentary was truly inspiring and our attendees really enjoyed getting to hear about different experiences of poverty on a global scale. A Path Appears also does a great job of carrying a message of hope throughout the different stories; if people in poverty have hope, they are more likely to find their way out through the support of those around them. This empowering message, both for those living in poverty and for those who want to help, shines through in the documentary and we hope to move forward with our mission and contribute to the cause!

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