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Diary & Discussion

On Sunday, November 4th, the Girls’ Education Committee hosted Diary & Discussion. In this event, we brought in three amazing women to speak about how they promote girls’ education and female empowerment in the Columbus community and around the world.


1) Ms. Sorailla Duquerette: US Together- Women’s Empowerment Coordinator

* When refugees come to America, no status they may have held back at home is maintained. So even if they were doctors, lawyers, or engineers in their home countries, this achievement is voided once they come to America.

* Refugees only have 90 days that are funded once they come to America to start their new lives.

* Many refugees and immigrants come to America with what we consider a third grade education level.

* Being culturally sensitive and treating everyone you meet, even if they look or act different from you, is very important.

* Using universal sign language and symbolic interactions are a great way to interact with someone whose language you do not speak.

2) Dr. Karen Irving: Ohio State- STEM Faculty Project: USA and India Collaboration

* If all the students in a course are not doing well, this might be because the teacher has poor teaching skills, especially in STEM classes.

* Course’s level of rigor should not be an excuse for a majority students are failing a class.

* Good teaching skills can be practiced and learned.

* In countries like India, it is more of a priority for males to receive proper education than it is for females. Dr. Irving and her team had to fight to have female students be part of their study.

* Some of the students from the pilot study were shocked to learn about issues the LGBTQ+ population faces because they have never been exposed to the LGBTQ+ population before.

3) Ms. Francine Marchelle: Broad Street Achievement Programs

* The afterschool program is called an “Achievement” program and the kids’ homework is called achievement work because this connotation promotes empowerment.

* Many people hide their struggles but the best way to empower others is to share your story and share your struggles. Only those who are empowered can truly empower others.

* Not everyone is able to go to school. If you are able to receive an education, you should feel fortunate because some people around the world will never have the opportunity to be able to go to school. Additionally, some people use school as an escape from abusive homes, for example.

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