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Champions in Action January Update

Team 7

At the end of the year, we did a deep dive with the mentors to evaluate which girls are no longer involved with the program and for what reasons. From team 7, only one girl - Jackeline- is no longer participating in the mentorship program. From what I understand her older sister went through the program last year. But, now that her older sister has completed the program and aged out, Jackeline doesn't want to continue on her own. However, we do know that both girls are active in their church in the community and are thriving in their home life. Through Jackeline's older sister, Candy, the family was tremendously impacted during the mentorship year. And, with Jackeline receiving the camp experience and a few months of mentorship, we feel good about where the girls are at. Additionally, we know the mentors do stay in touch with both girls regularly.

With school starting in mid-January, the girls only has two weeks of practices. Alma and Ashly missed both practices. I have made note of them and will be following up with Layla and Maritza (the mentors) next weekend at league. All of the other girls had perfect attendance. Behavior with the girls is fantastic. The first week of practice everyone had 9s or 10s (Ana Gabriela, Barbara and Jennifer) and the second week all of the girls had 10s on behavior. They are working hard at practice, which is translating at the league where they are commanding the leader board. Layla and Maritza also invest 2 hours a week in January with the girls.

Team 9

Team 9 did not hold any practices/full team mentor sessions in January. They said that with school starting, and the families running around to prepare, it was challenging to get a set time for everyone to come together. However, they did do one on one home visits with all of the girls. During these visits, they talked with the parents to share what has been achieved in the first half of the mentor year, what the goals are for the second half and recommit the parents to giving the girls permission to go to practices and league.

Through these home visits, we were also able to confirm which girls have dropped out of the programming and for what reasons. Dayana's parent's revoked their permission. Hopefully with some more home visits, she can come back to the team. Cristel left the program for personal reasons, which are unknown. Arlin had an extremely tough home life with a step-father who was abusing her. Fortunately, her and her mom were able to leave the situation and moved far away. While she's not able to join the mentor meet-ups during the week, she is interested in coming to town for league every other Saturday. Astrid was close neighbors with Arlin. Since Arlin left, Astrid's mom was hesitant to have Astrid permission to participate. However, after home visits from the mentors, Astrid is now re-involved with the program.

In other news, this past weekend we had something exciting planned for the mentors. We had two public health analysts in town and led the mentors through a nutrition and health behavior training session. They also helped the mentors begin to identify food resources available for families struggling to purchase healthy foods for a balanced diet. And the girls will be back in action on the 23rd for the next round of league games.

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