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Champions In Action: April Update

This is a continuation of the youth soccer teams you helped us sponsor in 2018 at Gigs for Guatemala!

This update has been provided by Emily Myers Goméz, the Global Director at Champions in Action.

Team 7 This month, the girls had three practices because of Semana Santa (Holy Week), which is like a week-long holiday during April, causing the loss of the week of practice. Attendance this month was a little off for the girls. It could be because of the Semana Santa holidays, and that the girls' parents are off and they are able to visit family in other parts of the country. Barbara, Karla, Stefany and Alicia had perfect attendance. Ana Gabriela, Astrid and Ashly missed one practice. Jennifer missed two practices. Alma missed all the practices. Layla will be back in action again this summer with a new group of girls. This year she will be joined by Maritza's older sister, Aracely, who was also a camper in 2012. Despite losing a game in April, the girls were able to hold onto their 1st place position by 2 points. Our regular play for league is now over and the eliminatory games start this weekend. The girls have a bye through to the semis on June 1st. In the eliminatory games this weekend are Brazil, Germany, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Holland, Belgium and Mexico. Portugal and France were already eliminated. Team 9 Team Portugal also struggled some with attendance this month, although it did improve after Semana Santa. They also only had three practices this month due to Semana Santa. In the first two weeks of practices, Katherine, Sandra, Paulina and Paola had perfect attendance. Claudia and Astrid missed one practice. Mariela missed both practices. Everyone, aside from Mariela, was present the last week of practices. Behavior remains constant at a 9, which is a serious improvement form where the girls were back in August. Unfortunately, the girls are ending the league's regular play in last place. We are now entering the eliminatory tournament phase of the league and only the top 10 of the 12 teams are able to move on. So, the girls have been eliminated from the tournament. However, they will continue to meet with their mentors through the end of the month, completing their year of mentorship. At the end of April, we held Part 2 of our "The World Needs a Father" Mentor School series. The speaker touched on some statistics and risk factors that kids from fatherless homes face. The mentors also explored which phases of life a "father" role has the most influence on character development (6-11 years old and 18-21 years old, despite the child being male or female). Finally, they touched on what the role of a man/father is. May 25 will be our final mentor school of this mentor cycle and the Part 3/Conclusion of this series.