Sexual assault awareness committee focuses on sexual violence prevention, consent education, and spreading awareness about the prevalence and harms of sexual violence around the world. Past projects include the Banner Up campaign where Greek houses display banners with a message about consent or supporting survivors, as well as a panel about the harms of victim blaming 


Girls' Education committee was formed on the premise that worldwide access to educate creates a path to economic independence and empowers women and girls to realize their full potential. Projects include a partnership with the Columbus Refugee and Immigration Services to teach refugee women and girls empowerment and self defense, along with a yoga class where proceeds are directed towards the Days for Girls non-profit.

Action, Advocacy, International, Inclusive


The Economic Empowerment Committee is AWOW's newest committee and its goal is to strengthen women's role in the economy and encourage women to invest in themselves through focusing on their careers. This year we are hosting a Fast and Fair Fashion Event which to discuss how the fashion industry affects women and the planet, and we can't wait to continue developing the committee throughout the year.


The Women's Health Committee was formed with the goal of advocating for women's reproductive rights across and accessibility to the resources needed for reproductive health. Past projects include organizing a feminine hygiene product drive to those affected by natural disasters, as well as a speaker series regarding infant mortality rates among different women.

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